Promoting the health of children and young people by strengthening social participation and self-worth in the classroom

In this context, we understand social participation as a feeling of belonging of all children to school and class community. The sub-project "Learning together as an opportunity" is thus aimed at all pupils. It promotes a more positive approach to diversity and the strengthening of a sense of belonging. It is not only about the inclusion of pupils with special needs or a migration background, but also about promoting the social participation of all children and young people.

The feeling of not belonging is one of the causes of the so-called new widespread diseases such as psychological problems or obesity. Children and young people often experience this feeling, whether in school classes, in the playground or on social media such as Facebook or WhatsApp. However, we usually only become aware of it when serious problems such as bullying, lack of concentration, eating disorders or persistent sadness occur.

In the project "Learning together as an opportunity", health and well-being are promoted by increasing social participation and strengthening self-worth. Social participation is strengthened within the framework of the project with the help of two modules: a poster exhibition and a tool box for lessons.

Further information:

Schwager, S., Berger, U., Gläser, A., Strauss, B., & Wick, K., (2019). Evaluation of “Healthy Learning. Together”, an Easily Applicable Mental Health Promotion Tool for Students Aged 9 to 18 Years. International Journal of Environmental Research an Public Health, 16, 487. Read article


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Kartenset Gemeinsam Gesund Lernen