In the so called travel group, senior citizens meet at regular intervals to exchange past journeys and their own experiences, discover common interests, learn from each other and support each other. The key aspect of the practical aid is a handbook in which a prototype tour group cycle with four sessions will be described in detail. It provides a possible framework for designing a travel group, but, with the help of the building blocks, it can be individually adapted to the skills and wishes of senior citizens. The building blocks are the key part of the manual: they are a collection of ideas to spark creativity and activation possibilities, which should encourage exchange between the travellers. So the building blocks fill the basic frame with content and make your work easier, as the preparation time, material required and difficulty is visible at a glance. In addition, the handbook discusses special challenges in dealing with senior citizens and explains the theoretical background of the tour group. The manual is supplemented by a suitcase in which you can collect all sensory materials on the subject of travel and always have access to these materials.

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All practical aids are only available in German.

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